Fairytale Song Undine [B-GRADE]

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[Pin characteristics] ♥♥ Song of the mermaids - Undine
---[In the world of Ethersia, there are songs passed by bards and traveling artists, those are the tales of Undine & Cerisse]--
♥ Hard enamel pin limited to 100
♥ 3.5 cm
♥ Extra accessory - With a fantasy/fake pearl hanging on the bottom.
♥ Laser numbered on the back.
♥ Signed in the backing card.
♥ Letterpress backing card with gold matte ink
READ, this last stock. It has some details different from the first batch because the pins that where Seconds in quality (leaked color, scratches/errorrs) were  replaced with new pins by the company, but in the end they ended up wrong in the back where the logo is ( The logo and numbering are in the middle now, instead of the bottom).